Needles and Pins offers a convenient and professional alterations service, with a fast turn around time. We are able to alter clothes to a measurement or as pinned, but are happy for you to visit our shop so we can pin more detailed alterations. Below is a short pricelist of the most common alterations.

However no alteration is too big or too small so please don't hesitate to contact us if your specific request is not on the list.

Alterations prices       
including VAT       
Trousers, Jeans and Skirts       
Hems     Invisible hem     £12
    Jeans hem     £12
    Lengthen hem     £16
Zips        £16
Repairs        £8-14
Side Seams        £16-24
Waists        £14-16
Dresses and Tops       
Side seam         £14-32
Hems         £14-21
Darts         £12-18
Zips         £18-28
Straps    shorten    £12-18
    make new    £18-21
Jackets and Coats       
Cuffs         £18-32
Hems         £28-36
Take in        £21-36
Lift shoulders         £28-32
Zips         £28
Reline (+cost of lining)       
Trousers and skirts        £30
Jackets    ladies    £46
    mens    £60
Wedding and bridesmaids alterations       
Please ask for a price       


 Made to Measure Prices        
(fabric costs not included)        
excluding VAT        
Skirts and trousers         
    elasticated waist     £100
    with zip     £120
    with lining     add £20
    with pockets    add £20
    with belt loops     add £10
Blouses and shirts         £140
Dresses     Shift dress     £140
    Sun dress     £160
Jackets with a collar         £280
    with pockets     add £20
Special occasion wear         
    Evening dresses     £200+
    Bridesmaids dresses     £160
    Wedding dresses     £750
    Waistcoat     £160
    Bowties     £30
    Cravats     £25
    Ties     £30
Mens' tailored jackets and trousers         
    please ask for a price    
    These prices are for making garments,     
    and the materials are extra.    
    We can give accurate quotes     
    when you meet us for a chat